Moving Meditation workshop

To reconnect with your body, with yourself. In this workshop, participants strengthen their mind-body connection through a combination of dance, breathwork and kundalini yoga. People are by nature designed to feel, emotions are designed to flow. Gentle movements will guide participants to come home to your body. As humans, we're naturally wired to experience emotions. Movement is a powerful way to express and release them. After moving and breathing deep, all that is heavy might immediately feel lighter. This is a soft and gentle practice, open for every(body). No experience in dance nor yoga is required.

Clients: Horst arts & music festival, Gay Haze, 51N4E, FOMU Antwerp.


Studio Arlo creates workshops to enjoy the art of being you. Moving Meditation is inspired by the work of renowned choreographers Briana Ashley Stuart, Irmgard Bartenieff and Ohad Naharin, together with Kundalini Yoga practice and Daily Rest by Emmie Rae.

A personal note from Soraya: ‘I was in my mid-20 when I had been going to therapy for some time, but nothing changed. Talking about my traumas and daily problems didn’t seem to solve them. Until I read the book ‘the body keeps the score’, and realised my body remembered all that my mind forgot. I had been searching for answers in the wrong places: my mind and the opinions of others. It was through reconnecting with my body, that I was able to reconnect with myself, my dreams, my intuition, my creativity. It’s my greatest asset. How challenging life can get sometimes, I know that all emotions are here to tell me something. Moving meditation is just a tool, a tool to reconnect to yourself.

Studio Arlo strived to dissolve privileges on healing. If the price setting forms a barrier for you to join a workshop or class, kindly email me to receive a lower fee without needing to explain why.

Studio Arlo was founded in 2022 by Soraya Candido, in loving memory of Amaris Candido.